On occasion we offer good condition used lapidary equipment and jewelry tools. Contact us before ordering outside of the US. Enjoy Shopping!
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This is a good condition ANTIQUE CAST IRON TIRE TUBE VULCANIZER made in the USA. It’s marked “SHALER 5-MINUTE VULCANIZER”. Measurements are 2 1/2″ TALL AND 4 1/2″ LONG. Even though it’s a clamp or press for vulcanizing, it was used by a jeweler for holding parts for gluing, tooling, etc. Shipping and handling $7.

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These are ASSORTED JEWELER’S TOOLS including:
1) A 1.5mm “14K” bent shank stamp.
2) An Evers size 00 “925″ straight shank stamp.
3) A 1/24 “14K bent shank stamp.
4) Two stainless tweezers-curved.
5) One precision pattern stainless tweezers.
Shipping and handling $7

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These are ASSORTED UNUSUAL TOOLS including:
1) A Pearl and Bead Drilling Vise which holds securely for precision work. It enables precision drilling, inspecting and cleaning. The knurled lock nuts provide quick clamping and release action. 13 hole sizes 0.7-6.5mm.
2) A vintage Spark Plug and Distributor Gauge and Wrench.
3) A neat Brass Mystery Pressurized Canister of unknown use and origin. The contents smelled like ether or some type of hydrocarbon.
Measurements are 1.5×5.5 inches.
Shipping and handling $7.

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This is a HARDENED ROUND TOOL STEEL DRAWPLATE by Louvet (France) for reducing the size of or cold hardening gold, silver, etc. wire. Also hardens wire for making O-Rings. Holes are progressively smaller so that wire drawn from the preceding hole will easily go through the next hole. Occasional annealing may be required. Bees wax facilitates drawing. Plate measurements are 1 1/8×3.5×3/16 inches. There are 20 holes from 1mm down to 0.5mm (appx.). Shipping and handling $7.

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Lapidary Grinding and Polishing Cabbing Machine (sold 6/15/19)

This Lapidary Grinding and Polishing Cabbing Machine is essentially unused. It’s a 6 inch cabochon making machine fabricated in the USA for Kingsley North Lapidary Supply. The six diamond grinding and polishing wheels are in excellent condition. They include 80, 220, 280, 600, 1200, and 14000 grit sizes with REZ bonded diamonds. The body is stainless steel with 3/4 inch stainless shafts and ball bearings. It has a simple drip water system with flow control valves for each wheel. The motor is a heavy duty Dayton 1/3 HP, 120V, and 1725 rpm speed. The whole unit weighs 66 pounds and measures 17x26x9 inches. This machine sells for about $1300 new. It will ship in two boxes and minor reassembly will be required for the motor and belt guard. Shipping and handling is $70 (US only).

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This is a new condition LAPIDARY TUMBLER BARREL. If you are irritated by tumbler barrell issues, this is for you! The barrel dimensions are 7.5″Dx5″H and it weighs 6 pounds (also holds 6 lbs. of rocks). Walls are 1/2 inch thick soft nitrile rubber with 10 internal flat sides for enhanced tumbling. End plates are rigid 5/16 inch thick aluminum. A 3/4 inch diameter stainless steel center post with a 3/8 inch threaded end is used for compression lid tightening using a stainless steel attachment nut. This will not leak and is extremely durable. It was used by an R&D facility and is an order-of-magnitude better quality than normal tumbler barrels. Shipping and handling is- $15 (US only).

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1) A highly polished and tapered Hardwood Ring Mandrel and Stand for forming PMC rings. The steel base allows 360 degree rotation.
2) A Ring Holding Bench Pin that ensures straight shank cuts by guiding the saw blade.
Shipping and handling $7.

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Used Books About Selling Crafts and Making Jewelry

If you are making and selling your jewelry these Used Books About Selling Crafts and Making Jewelry can help you.  The two books about making jewelry have excellent ideas and examples about glass beading and making designer jewelry.  The third book can help you sell items that you make. 

Titles and Authors:

  • Making Designer Gemstone and Pearl Jewelry by Tammy Powley
  • Simple Glass Beading by Dorothy Wood
  • Selling Your Crafts by Susan Sager 

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Used Jewelry and Mosaic Glass Tools

These three Used Jewelry and Mosaic Glass Tools consist of a Rio Grande steel ring mandrel, a Euro Tool chain nose nylon jaw pliers, and carbide wheeled glass nipper pliers.

The Rio steel ring mandrel is tapered for forming, sizing and shaping stone-set rings. The diameter tapers from 25mm to 12mm and it measures rings from size 1 to size 16 in 1/4 increments.  It features a half smooth, half knurled 3″ handle.

Euro-Tool chain nose nylon jaw pliers are used to form, shape, hold or straighten wire or flat stock. Nylon jaws grip firmly and can be filed to suit specific operations.  The nylon jaws are missing but can be purchased here:

The carbide wheeled glass and mosaic nipper pliers cut and shape glass sheet.  They also work great for snipping rods and noodles.
Shipping and Handling-$14

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