Used Jewelry and Mosaic Glass Tools

Used Jewelry and Mosaic Glass Tools

These three Used Jewelry and Mosaic Glass Tools consist of a Rio Grande steel ring mandrel, a Euro Tool chain nose nylon jaw pliers, and carbide wheeled glass nipper pliers.

The Rio steel ring mandrel is tapered for forming, sizing and shaping stone-set rings. The diameter tapers from 25mm to 12mm and it measures rings from size 1 to size 16 in 1/4 increments.  It features a half smooth, half knurled 3″ handle.

Euro-Tool chain nose nylon jaw pliers are used to form, shape, hold or straighten wire or flat stock. Nylon jaws grip firmly and can be filed to suit specific operations.  The nylon jaws are missing but can be purchased here:

The carbide wheeled glass and mosaic nipper pliers cut and shape glass sheet.  They also work great for snipping rods and noodles.
Shipping and Handling-$14

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