Shaped Stones & Custom Jewelry

Shaped Stones and Jewelry specializes in handmade precious stone jewelry. We professionally cut, shape, and polish our own designer cabochons. Our signature design is our cabochons set in handcrafted silver or creatively wire wrapped and then coordinated with select beads to create distinctive fashion jewelry. We sell necklaces with pendants, beaded charm bracelets, earrings, and rings. In addition, we offer high quality finished cabochons and lapidary slabs for creating your own unique jewelry.  Finally, we offer unusual and unique specimens of Laguna agate.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Biggs Jasper Designer Cabochon
Laguna Agate Copper/Turquoise Set Biggs Jasper Cabochon
Rhodochrosite Lapidary Slab
Copper/Silver/Turquoise Bracelet Cutting/Polishing Wheel/Brushes Rhodochrosite Lapidary Slab
Amethyst Crystal Necklace Silver/Copper Horseshoe Earrings Chrysoprase Necklace
Marston Petrified Wood Leather/Alexandrite Bracelet Turquoise Necklace/Pendant
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