Designer Cabochons

Our precious stone designer cabochons are professionally crafted for wire wrapping and jewelry making. Interesting features are highlighted to enhance your jewelry. Enjoy Shopping!
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West Texas Plume Agate Designer Cabochon

This West Texas Plume Agate Designer Cabochon features an unusual hexagonal shape with black plumes in a multi floral pattern. The black plumes are enhanced by a soft white agate background.  A good cabochon for formal and casual jewelry. Side to side is 30mm.  This plume agate is professionally cut, has a high polish, and is slightly beveled to facilitate setting. The agate was found on a ranch near Van Horn, Texas. A quality cabochon for your jewelry or collection.

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Willow Creek Designer Cabochon

This beautiful Willow Creek Designer Cabochon features a mountainous scene with a billowing white cloud background.  Willow Creek is a premium jasper from Idaho which looks and feels like porcelain.  Measurements are 4 x 32 x 45 mm.

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Wonderstone Rhyolite Designer Cabochon

This uniquely shaped Wonderstone Rhyolite Designer Cabochon boasts purple, red, pink, and yellow features. It was found in Utah. Measurements are 5 x 20 x 50 mm.

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